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About Us is a Chennai based Business Directory that helps customers in making the right decisions when it comes to Business Requirements. is exclusively designed for the people of Chennai and hence is easier when your requirements are bound within the city. We at ensure that your business profile is broadcasted in the right way to ensure good results. is completely free of cost for its advertisers and their business details will be listed on the website with a new page. We do not outsource your contact information to third party vendors or cold callers. We ensure that we in turn in source the confidence of our customers to ensure good business results.

Why ?

Since we are oriented towards one particular city, the visibility for your business is higher compared to the sites that are global- where the reach is comparatively much lesser.

Our website is currently being funded through selected Advertisements and hence the Business owners do not have to pay any fee towards registration. This website is free for life long and is not a limited time offer and hence we do not give importance for one business over the other.

We ensure that your business profile is advertised the professional way and can be accessed using Search Engines.

We also value your customer's feedback and reviews and make sure that they are visible in your web page. This further enhances your profile and helps in getting better results.

Our Motto :

Quality is our motto and we ensure that your web pages are created using the most recent and best technology available. We not only make it look more appealing and interesting but also make sure that customers are provided the right information about the services that you offer.

We use a lot of pictures for the services that your business offers so customers can easily choose the right ones that suit them.

The number of visitors to the website is increasing on a daily basis and we constantly look towards the road of constant improvement to provide the best service based on your valuable feedback.