Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


If you have any doubts using Chennai Galore, Kindly go through the FAQ for more help.


Q: Is it free to list businesses in chennaigalore?
A: Yes, It's completely free to list business in chennaigalore. Chennaigalore won't charge anything for listing business.

Q: How can I submit the business to get listed in Chennai Galore Business Directory?
A: You can send the details to Chennai galore by filling the form at this page submit-business.html or else you can also send the details to the following email address "list@chennaigalore.com"

Q: How to contact Chennaigalore.com?
A: You can send your queries to support@chennaigalore.com or else use the contact form to submit your queries contact-us.html

Q: After submitting the business details, how long it will take to get published in chennai galore?
A: Once you have submitted the details to us, our team will review your listings and within 48 hrs it will get published in the website.

Q: Will you send any information once the listing is published?
A: Yes, once your business listings get published in chennai galore you will receive an email with the URL and AD-ID.

Q: How to find businesses in Chennai galore?
A: You can browse and get the details by choosing the category and subcategory you wanted.

Q: How to delete my listings?
A: If you wish to remove the listings from chennai galore, drop us an email with your details and the appropriate reason to remove the listings. While you are requesting for deletion you should send your AD-ID which is so important.

Q: How to list businesses in featured listings?
A: You can contact advertise@chennaigalore.com for more details.

Q: How long my ad will be displayed in chennai galore?
A: Your Ad displayed permanently till you request for deletion.

Q: How to Update or Edit my existing business listings?
A: Kindly send us your updated details to us along with your previous listing information like URL, AD-ID so that we will update. Send the details to list@chennaigalore.com