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Terms and Conditions is a free website offered to its customers to broadcast the services that they provide. The following paragraphs depict the "Terms of Use" of the website and request you to stop using the website if you do not agree to the terms stated below. assumes that you have read the "Terms of Use" and completely abide by them before using the services provided by our website.

Use of the Website:

The Business owners can use the website provided to them by for marketing their services and are not liable to copy, sell, replicate part or the complete website to any third party involved therein. You hereby acknowledge and agree that, as between and you, all rights, title, and interest in and to the Website and the Services, including without limitation any patent rights, patents, business methods, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, inventions, know-how, and all other intellectual property rights pertaining thereto, shall be owned exclusively by

Reviews to the Websites: encourages Business owner's clients to provide feedback on the service that is being provided. However has complete rights to remove the reviews when found inappropriate. This could include reviews/comments that are vulgar in nature, non substantial or comments given under a false name/account. also has complete rights to remove a review when the client has not had any transaction with the Business owner.

Unauthorized Usage:, its name, caption and logos are trademarks of and its unauthorized use is a violation of the laws and legal action could be taken against such an unauthorized use. Logos and captions of Business owners who advertise on are trademarks of those business owners and unauthorized usage of those would abide by the governing laws of those companies.

Clause of Indemnity:, its partners and employees are not responsible for any kind of loss or liability, claim or demand including fees to attorneys that is caused to your business through the use of the website or its services or your violation of this agreement or comments, posts that are transmitted through our website by third party users.

Disclosure of Account Related Information:

As a member of, you take complete responsibility to safeguard your confidential information like your passwords. In turn will ensure to keep your personal information confidential and will not disclose the same to any third party unless approached through legal channels.

User Preferences: gives its customers complete rights to modify or discontinue the service, alerts, and notifications at any given point of time. The customers will receive a confirmation mail confirming the same to their registered email address for further reference.

Third Party Communications: gives its customers an opportunity to be found by keywords through Search engines. There might be a lot of third party websites that provide these links and does not take responsibility for the content provided by those third party websites.

Assorted has all rights to modify the appearance or design of the website without any further notice. The "Terms of Use" could also be modified at any given point of time and will be posted on our website. If you find any of them unacceptable, we would request you to stop the usage of the site right away. Any legal implications to the content provided above can be forwarded to our legal department at